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by Joanna Volinska and Alison Williams


For 3 - 7 year olds


Freddie is a lovely boy... except when he loses his PLEASE, THANK YOU and SORRY. Now the whole family is looking for the missing manners and they're all grumpy. Even good manners can behave badly, so Freddie needs to learn to look after them well.

A humorous story to help parents and carers illustrate the importance of basic every day kindness to pre-school and early primary school-age children. It is the second title in the series which features Freddie Maroon, his challenges and whims.

Richmond Bigbottom

​by Guy Netley and Adam De Ville


For readers aged 5 - 10 who idolise princes and princesses, and for the grown ups who refuse to grow up. 

The beautiful town of Richmond on Sea is quiet. But at the Palace all is not well. Princess Polly is not happy with her role in life. Being a royal is not at all to her liking.

Then one day, as she is having a rest in a coin laundry, she finds the most peculiar, utterly fascinating object. Epiphany! Princess Polly is inspired. There will be a competition. And the prize? Guess! 

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Freddie's Privates

​by Joanna Volinska and Alison Williams


For 3 - 7 year olds


Larissa spends an afternoon at Freddie's. She is intrigued by what he shows her and wants to chat about it with her dad. But he overreacts.

How do you explain to children that, as they get older, certain behaviour becomes less socially acceptable? At what stage and how do you ask them to keep certain bits and pieces of theirs private? This story aims to help parents/teachers start the conversation. 

The Royal Flip

​by Joanna Volinska and Alison Williams


For 6 - 10 year olds


The Queen of England enjoys a secret pursuit that very few people know about. Annie Annieson is nosey and audacious. One day she finds an invitation to the biggest party in the land and ends up in The Queen’s back garden. How will the gracious monarch deal with the intruder?

This fun, feel-good, two-part story about unexpected friendships features royals, commoners and just a few dogs. It is aimed at young readers, aged 7+ and their silliness-loving grown-ups. 

Coming soon:

The Pigeon of Wigmore Street

by Joanna Volinska and Alison Williams


The Minotaur

by Guy Netley and Adam De Ville

Mr Moose's Story

by Laura Littlelegs

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